Ola company to build world's largest scooter factory in India

Motorcycle - 12/16/2020

(AFP) - Indian company Ola plans to build the world's largest scooter factory in India, which will produce two million electric two-wheelers per year for Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Author: AFP

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The company, which benefits from the financial support of the Japanese group SoftBank, announced Monday, in a press release, the creation of 10,000 jobs and $ 325 million in investment for this factory which will be built in the state of Tamil Nadu (south ).

The plant will help make India an "electric vehicle manufacturing platform," the company added in its statement.Ola expects to introduce its electric scooters to the market in the coming months.

Motorcycles and mopeds, much cheaper than cars, are very popular in congested cities of India, with sales far exceeding those of the latter, but these vehicles also contribute to air pollution.

Ola, Uber's competitor in the VTC market, hopes to benefit from the government's campaign for the use of electric vehicles, by now embarking on the manufacture of scooters.

In May, the company, which also operates in Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain, acquired Dutch electric scooter maker Etergo for $ 250 million.

Ola this year announced plans to hire more than 2,000 people for its electrical business, and hired a General Motors alumnus, Jose Pinheiro, to run its manufacturing operations.

Posted Date: 2020-12-17

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